Jonathan Keezing is your classic musical nutcase (mixed bowl). For him, it's not the musical style, it's the intention.  

Play it like you mean it... and if you don't mean it... don't play!

A great teacher, John Damien, taught him: “explore your quirk’s, that’s where your individuality come’s through!” Since then, Jonathan has grown exceptionaly quirky.

Floating in the sea of sound, he has played rennaiscance faires, cover bands, Stravinski duets, rock, jazz, avant projects, fiddle tunes in Jerusalum, and hopped a lumber train where he played Woody Guthrie ballads through the Mohave dessert.

Jonathan is also a puppeteer whom performs extensively with his "Caravan Puppets.

Current work is developing his rock musical "The Top Of The Sky", performing with the current bands and puppetesque projects and creating (half way there!) a new solo guitar release.