About Keezing, Florio

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In improv we trust!

Gardens in the borderlands

Betwixt and between

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For more than 20 years, guitarists, Jonathan Keezing and Chris Florio have woven richly textured electric improvisations. Their spontaneous compositions hold rich musical diversity, lyricism, humor, and depth.

Keezing Florio create improvisations that sound like meticulous compositions, yet holds the excitement of pure creativity happening in the moment.

Since their first release “ALL RIVERS RUN TO RAIN” (Passion Records 2005), “Keezing, Florio” has updated their textural pallet.  Chris (Florio) has added a rainbow of sonic colors (triggered by his guitar).  Jonathan (Keezing) has added a  has developed a tap style (tapping both hands on the guitars neck) to bring new rhythmic and chordal possibilities to the instrument.

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Recording “Undulatus Asperatus” from “Cloud Songs”


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K, F’s label. Solo recordings and collaborations can be found here as well!
All Rivers Run To Rain
Keezing, Florio visualize and journey down the worlds rivers with acoustic improvisations.