Accompaniment for activities and quiet times. Soundscapes are built from (what I call) skeletal structures and improvisations. My intention is to enhance the activities (or stillness) in the space in which I’m playing… playing the room and reacting to what’s going on in the moment. This can include adding background to spoken word events, coloring the vibe for social occasions and viewings, improvising with dancers, or most any other setting (I would LOVE to play soundscapes through a shopping mall P.A. system!).

Soundscapes sessions are a unique enhancement for:

*  Improv Dance

*  Art Openings,

* Elegant Social Events

* Restaurants

* Hipster Parties

* Readings

*Commercial and corporate settings.


I bring electric and acoustic guitars with wide selection of effects to color and orchestrate the music. Soundscapes are designed for ambience and function, yet (I’ve been told), they can also hold the attention and interest of those whom chose to listen. 



 Soundscapes can be a great challenge for me, dipping into my entire pallet of guitar techniques, composition skills and musical influences. They are also a whole lot of fun to play! I usually feel better after a Soundscape session than before I’ve begun. My goal if for you to feel better as well!