The soundtrack to a memorable time!


My focus is to provide an excellent performance of well played music that makes you and your guests happy. I’m happy to pre-plan the flow of music with you!

Business Events
Most ANY celebration


My twenty years in entertainment make for smooth enjoyable programs. I have a large (and ever growing) repertoire with top notch sound, performance and presentation. From quiet ambiance to rollicking sing-along dancing good times (and everything in between!),  Songs and music of other styles and era’s are readily available.


After thousands of performances, I’ve gotten pretty good at shaping the music for most any event! I’m always striving to increase my skills and knowledge as a musician. This has naturally helped to grow my song collection and knowledge of different styles.

The possibilities of bringing music to life as a solo artist are a never ending journey for me.

Over the years, I’ve worked with and directed large ensembles, rock,  jazz and world music bands, I’ve recorded many releases (including 3 solo albums) with Passion Records and other studio settings. I graduated from Berklee Of Music and studied with Mike Stern (Miles Davis alumni), played at renaissance faires, strummed  Irish jigs on Jerusalem’s streets, played main stage at major festivals and picked Woody Guthrie tunes from the top of a freight train in the Mojave dessert.

All of this goes into every event!