Ongoing work and some of my favorite past musical projects.

Solo Performance

Original songs with electric, and acoustic,  fretless guitar, and voice. I’ve written hundreds of pieces and produced: two instrumental and one vocal albums (HERE), a huge COVER music collection and  ambient SOUNDSCAPES.

Caravan Puppets

Since 1991, Caravan Puppets has performed at thousands of schools, museums, libraries and major festivals throughout the USA and Japan. Caravan is my vehicle for children’s music including two musicals. Our work can be viewed HERE.

Chris Florio

I have had the honor of working with Chris in a vast array of projects for most of my adult life. In recent years, Chris has directed a series of sessions with a wonderful shifting cast of musicians in Boston. He has documented many of these sessions HERE. Chris is also the director of Passion Records. 

Keezing Florio

Spontaneous Compositions for Acoustic and Electric guitar  

Guitarists Jonathan Keezing and Chris Florio’s improvised guitar duets come from a twenty year musical collaboration and they intuitively blend classical, rock and jazz with other world musical styles.  They have released  two CD’s “All Rivers Run to Rain” and “Cloud Songs” on Passion Records. More HERE.

Malleable Infallible

Since A Three piece lovecore (it’s what it sounds like!) rock band. Solid songs, great harmony’s, tons of improv, full tilt delivery. Take a look at our page.HERE.


An ongoing extended (10ish years) musical conversation. Sextette is wide ranging, adventurous and fun! Players are: Jane Karras (goddess O’ guitar) Malcolm Braverman (drummer extraordinaire), Jonathan Byerly (unexpected sax’s, singer an percussion), Karen Schumer (basso profundo!), Chris Welwood (Key’s and other otherworldly sound devices). Jonathan Keezing (the other guitarist).


Smokin’ mutt-style, web 2 post rock!
ly6480 evolved from childhood best buddies to trans global tricksters (Maui, and Massachusetts) with fringe skills, insatiable curiousity and an anarchic vision to create multimedia mayhem.
Look and listen HERE